Here’s Why you Shouldn’t Use these Words

awareness communication lessons manifestation mindset perspective self-talk Jul 03, 2022

Are you conscious of your inner dialogue and the words you choose when speaking to other people?

How aware are you of the words you say?

When communicating to others, you always “communicate” more than you’re saying. This is because your nonverbal communication conveys so much more than simply the words you speak. To be specific, when communicating, only

  • 7% is words
  • 38% is tonality
  • 55% is physiology.

In other words, 93% is your energy and only 7% of communication is your words. How crazy is that? Only 7% is verbal! Yet, the wrong words can fuel negative emotions and negative energy, while powerful, positive words can heal and uplift! (The effects of the 93% of nonverbal communication, we will talk about in another blogpost.)

Besides being conscious of your communication to others, it’s so crazy important to be conscious of the words you speak to yourself. It’s key to use words which create positive internal pictures. Your mind thinks in images, which is why your subconscious mind does not progress negatives. Yes, it can think negatively, but it doesn’t progress negatively. (Read that again.)

So you can think: I’m not funny enough (which is a negative thought) but your mind doesn’t progress that thought. This means, when I tell you, “Don’t think about the yellow banana,” you straight away get a picture in your mind of a yellow banana. As much as I say, “Don’t think about the yellow banana!” you’re still creating, imagining (and attracting) the image of a yellow banana, which explains why your mind doesn’t progress negatives. I don’t / I never want to / I won’t / I shouldn’t – doesn’t mean anything to the mind, and it will still create the image of that “thing.”

Your mind creates pictures, so it’s important to create what you want to see instead of what you don’t want to see. It sounds so easy, but creating this awareness is so important, as this is the key to setting yourself up for success and creating everything you desire (instead of attracting the opposite).

Last week, I was taking a dance class, and as much as I possess this knowledge about the mind, I also still forget about its power if I don’t consciously pay attention to it. (In other words, I have to apply this practice more frequently so it can become my new subconscious.) At the end of my dance class, I was put into a separate group to be filmed on camera, and as soon as I saw the camera, I put pressure on myself, as I knew I wanted to do it right. Instead of putting this knowledge to my best use, I let my self-talk take over and turn it into self-sabotage. The moment the song started, I said to myself: “You better don’t fuck up. You better don’t fuck up. You better don’t fuck up!”

Guess what? My mind created an image of me fucking up the dance movements... I generated a picture of me totally messing up the dance in my mind, and, within a minute, I completely ruined the dance on camera and messed up all the steps. How? When I did the dance right for the entire hour, how did I manage to mess up the 1 minute I really had to do it right?

You guessed it. I spoke it into existence through my negative self-talk as I created the wrong vision in my mind, which meant the only outcome that was possible to create in the physical world was simply the effect that this caused. A messed-up picture created in my internal representation system (internal vision in the mind) is equal to a messed-up situation in my physical world.*

The teacher believed more in me than I did in that first round and decided to give me a second chance. Thankfully, I knew straight away WHY I had messed up, as my personal awareness knew that I’d done this to myself by creating the wrong vision through using the wrong words during my self-talk. The music went on for the second round and I said to myself, “You better do this right. Dance it well and perform it the right way!”

And I did! I was able to move away from self-sabotage and straightaway build my self-esteem back up, simply through making a different choice of words. I was able to create a positive outcome in the physical world because I created a positive self-image in my mind. So, now you see, positive inner dialogue really helps move you in the right direction while it creates self-power.

This is just one example to show you how powerful words are and how big their effect is. Their meanings really form perceptions that shape your internal vision, self-image, beliefs, drive, energy, attitude, behavior and performance. This honestly creates your world!

Words hold power with the ability to help, hurt, harm, hinder, humiliate, heal or humble. Words can inspire, change your thinking, motivate, empower and speak hope to the heart of the listener. So, make sure you use them in a way which is beneficial to you and the people around you.

  • Create awareness behind your choice of words
  • Take responsibility for your words
  • Mind your language
  • Use words which create positive images
  • Have positive self-talk
  • Say what you want to see/feel/do/desire
  • Mean what you say

Words give so much meaning to life, so I really hope you use them wisely. The voice you hear the most is your own and how you're choosing to speak is super important! My mission today is to use my words to help you create more awareness so you can use your words in a better way which helps, empowers and energizes you through life.

*This also happens in your attracting/manifesting journey, so make sure you truly speak into existence what you want instead of what you don’t want.



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