"If you’re ready to create the life you dream about, then you are at the right spot. It’s purely my job to show you what’s possible." - Solange Zindzi


Hi, I’m Solange Zindzi.



I’m a passionate dancer, author, speaker, connector, certified life, mindset, movement and fitness coach, spiritual leader, powerful inspirer, and glow-getter expert.

I guide dreamers to become glow-getters and support others in raising their vibrations by teaching them how to heal through understanding of their emotions. I delight in inspiring people to be their highest self, leading those who are unaware towards greater awareness and enabling them to create amazing transformations in their lives!


I was born and raised in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, which is where I started dreaming from a very young age about becoming a dancer and began early on to work towards my big “impossible” desires. 

As a child, I was a lil shy – yet loved attention, was highly sensitive and super active. Already, ahead of time, I enjoyed helping others, liked putting smiles on people’s faces and lived for building connections with all sorts of people, races and ages.

I often felt a little different because I frequently chose roads which weren’t very common or normal. But, what’s normal anyway? Normal shouldn’t be seen as normal if that’s not in alignment with who you truly are, right?

This is why I learned from a young age to tune in to my own needs and practiced listening less to the outside noises. Therefore, I focused on my own inner voice and learned how to trust my inner compass to show me (or, better said, lead me) the way.

Over time, I evolved into a courageous and curious woman who is very grounded and straightforward, yet super intuitive and is not afraid of the unknown. I think big, make choices from the heart and am intrinsically driven to make the most of life.


My Mission

Choosing a life path which wasn’t ordinary took a lot of courage and went hand in hand with a lot of doubt. I truly know how confusing it all could feel to try to figure it all out on your own. I know a lot more people are suffering while paving the way of their unique journey of life, which is why I feel 100% compelled to share what I overcame, in order to help people, break through their own limited beliefs and get them in alignment with who they truly are.

I’m on a real mission to show curious beings the true powers which they were born with. 

This is one of the main reasons I am so passionate about helping others embrace their truest version of themselves, so they gain enough self-trust to take that leap of faith!

“Whatever you dream about is also dreaming about you!”

– Solange Zindzi

I feel super dedicated to teach you how to shift your own reality to a more supportive one so you feel confident enough to aim for the sky! I have found the formula to make these transformations solid and I feel it in my core that it’s my purpose to spread the message to as many people as I can!


My Story

SOLO is my nickname, which means sun in Papiamentu, the island language of Curaçao. It’s quite a fitting nickname if you believe my friends and family, who say that my crazy and contagious energy feels like the bright summer sun. I have a heritage mix that is quite unique, as parts of my roots are in Curaçao, a beautiful sunny island in the Caribbean, just above South America. I’m also extremely proud to be of Frisian blood, an ancient province in the northwest of the Netherlands, in Europe.

The hallmarks of my unconventional blend of backgrounds are my voluminous golden curls and my freckles. Yet it is my Dutch decisive fierceness and my Caribbean attitude of always seeing things from the bright side which describes me the best.

I graduated from Lucia Marthas Institute of Performing Arts in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in 2011 as a dancer and dance teacher. In addition to obtaining my Bachelor in Dance and Bachelor in Dance Education, I attended a variety of courses around the world to maintain and expand my knowledge and skills, as I believe that investing in yourself is the best and most rewarding gift you can give yourself.

“Just like my movements to the beat of music, my life has to flow.”

– Solange Zindzi

I have danced through life, experiencing different cultures and lifestyles while traveling to more than 60 countries, making my big dreams my reality. It feels amazing, knowing I have manifested my biggest dreams in physical form: from skydiving, to living in New York City, eating real pizza in Italy, being a showgirl in Germany, visiting Thailand, camping in Australia, dancing on cruise ships in the Caribbean, watching sunsets in Hawaii, hiking the Machu Picchu in Peru, moving to Los Angeles, and performing on the biggest stages and in the most incredible theatres and arenas around the world. I really have been manifesting my wildest dreams and experienced life like I was constantly dreaming with my eyes wide open.

Nonetheless, life is full of surprises and detours, and, due to the global pandemic, I lost my dream job (performing as a dancer on a world tour) just like that… I chose to not let myself be victimized by this nightmare, and 10 days later, made the decision to become my own superhero, which eventuated in manifesting a new dream: writing my first book, SOLO JUMP.


My Transformation

Through writing, I found a new way to stay creative while bundling together all my knowledge, wisdom and experiences which I couldn’t wait to share with the world. I strongly believe my own positive outlook on life is the foundation to my glow and could energize and influence many people.

SOLO JUMP is filled with my most valuable life tools and personal (un)successful stories to inspire and motivate others to believe in their own abilities and desires, so they will become their own superhero too. I hope to connect with people through the book and help give them the confidence needed to improve their own lives.

After losing my dream job, moving continents, losing even more jobs (got to love all those lockdowns) and being broke... I felt totally broken, yet stayed hopeful!

This dramatic pandemic was truly testing me in every way possible, and life hit an even lower level when I received one more setback, the day I found out my step-dad had passed away... Grieving takes time and I realized I needed to give myself space and time to get myself, my family and my energy back on track. I truly had to feel all the feelings to be able to let them flow and go.

Eventually, I turned the pain and frustration into motivation, and committed to finding a way out of my low frequency, as I strongly believe:

if there’s a will, there’s always a way!

Life is a true gift, not a privilege, and I was able to remind myself once again that being alive is the most precious thing and that you should never ever take your time here on Earth for granted. Therefore, I’m not afraid anymore to stumble along the way and commit to making my “stumbles” part of my “dance,” as life is really a song worth dancing to.

Whether you choose to start with listening to one of my podcasts, follow my blog, read my book, attend my workshops or jump right into the fulfilling experiences of my eventsI can’t wait to witness your amazing, authentic success story too, as I’m confident your desires are already yours and they are just waiting for you to believe that they are!



  • Enjoy sitting on the floor
  • Play music all day long, yet never know the lyrics
  • Dutch is my first language
  • Didn’t speak English until my twenties
  • Obsessed with cheese
  • Make most big, life-changing decisions in the shower
  • Love the City-Life as much as the Island-Life
  • Am super clumsy
  • Enjoy spending time with children
  • Prefer dinners near the ocean
  • Am a last-minute packer
  • The sun reloads my energy (I’m basically a solar panel)
  • Love eating with my hands
  • Am a night owl
  • Not a fan of air-conditioning and will always choose fresh air 
  • Dance is my number one way of releasing emotions
  • Depending on my mood, I can be a full-on tomboy or a total girly girl
  • Drink coffee more for the social aspect of it than for the drink itself
  • Golden hour is my favorite time of the day
  • Snowboarding is my best-loved hobby
  • Have lived on a boat for 4 years
  • Always in the mood for food
  • Love adventure
  • Walking is my favorite way to meditate
  • Love to love
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Emely Rijke-Phelipa (34) 

"If you’re looking for a book to inspire you to do more, to motivate you to go out there and work on your dreams...

SOLO JUMP is your book! It’s an easy read and I got so much out of her life lessons! It definitely made me change my perspective on how to approach several life experiences. It feels like Solange became that constant voice in my head telling me to overcome my fears and trust the process. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants more out of life and needs that little push of inspiration to jump!"

(data management & business analyst)

Ghislaine Grondsma (32) 

"I bought the book a week ago, read it in 3 days, wrote notes, got inspired and feel like I'm going into a new chapter in my life, all because of this amazing book!

Thank you for being such a beautiful person, in every way. Thank you for sharing your amazing story and thank you for giving such helpful life lessons. I think everyone should read it! I will definitely pass it forward."

(marketing consultant) 

Melanie de Freitas (27) 

"Reading solo jump made me realize I had to take action and control of my own life. I finally dared myself to say yes to new adventures and eventually my deepest wishes and desires. I felt myself become stronger and stronger while reading, and eventually felt strong enough to take action! 

Solo jump is one of the most inspiring books I've read this past year!! Whenever I was reading, time was truly flying."

(graphic designer)


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