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"Solange Zindzi’s contagious energy and vibrance for life is just the dose of inspiration the world needs right now. SOLO JUMP focusses on the fact that staying open to new ideas and experiences can help you become a stronger, more vibrant person and completely enrich your life."


Are you wishing there was an easier way to achieve your glorious dreams?

Each time you feel fear, you can either choose to become it or you can conquer it. Choosing to conquer your fears goes many times hand in hand with stretching your comfort zone.

Stretching your comfort zone or deciding to jump into the unknown can feel risky, scary and uncomfortable, can’t it?

Also, your self-esteem might get challenged when facing fears and you may end up doubting your own dreams, desires, qualities, skills, intuition, choices or sometimes even your entire reason for existence.

This is why it’s so important to put in a serious amount of work and commitment, making sure your personal foundation stones are rock solid, before you decide to take your leap of faith. Thereupon, reading an inspirational book, while establishing your foundation ground, can be super beneficial.


Krista Kalmus (28) 

"I couldn’t put @solojump.thebook down! So inspiring and such a genius way of looking at things.

It’s helping you make your personal decisions with confidence, with the tools Solange gives you to solo jump!

She’s funny and real, and her positive way of thinking and her outlook on life is very contagious! It’s definitely a life changer and has changed my outlook on everything! A must read. I Loved it!!"


Rodney Hoogdorp (31) 

"Even when you feel pretty confident about your life's choices, this book is a must read.

Thank you for helping me extend my life hack toolkit!"

(digital content producer)

Monica Freeman-Greene (43) 

"Solo Jump is written in an easy to follow format that allows you to listen, absorb and open yourself to the possibilities she describes.

I intend to read the book over and over again.  I definitely feel all readers will appreciate her down to earth yet refreshing approach to living your best life!"

(hospitality HR)

What does SOLO JUMP stand for?

  • Solo means sun
  • Solo means alone (independent).
  • Jump stands for taking that leap of faith.
  • Jump stands for getting on your feet and into action

SOLO JUMP: having the courage to take that independent, individualistic leap towards your desires while shining bright (like the sun) along the way. 


Chapter 5

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SOLO JUMP is about learning to trust yourself and discovering you had the powers and answers inside of you all along.

Even when life feels like you’re closer to drowning, Solange experienced, there’s always a way back to greatness, as long as you don’t give up!

Her tips, tricks and tools are written from experience instead of theory only, and will take you along her personal journey while she shares with you how good it feels to dare yourself to be bold.

Her story isn’t written to impress you but to inspire you, so you too feel empowered to follow your own heart!


James Mitchell (37)

"I must say I was blown away by her English, her ability to articulate and most notably the insight that she has at such a young age. I’ve lived a very dynamic life and even I still learned so much from her words. Two of my favorite quotes:

'Passion gives you energy' 

'No betrayals when looking out for yourself'

This book was well written, Solange spoke truthfully and was completely vulnerable. I believe that vulnerability leads to connection and it’s no doubt why this book will connect with so many people. "

Women's Health Magazine,

The Netherlands

"This inspirational bible full of positivity is filled with amazing tips and tools to find and create new opportunities each day."

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Speaking Spanish?

SOLO JUMP is also available in the Spanish language as an E-book and Paperback.


Verónica Pérez Rodríguez (19)

Solo Jump me parece un libro increíble que todo el mundo debería de leer, es muy inspirador y motivante!  Yo me siento muy bien cuando lo estoy leyendo y agradezco a Solange por haberlo escrito y compartido.

Quiero comprar este libro