Yandell Fenech (31)  

"The Positive mindset challenge blew my mind! I feel like I'm so aware now of what's not only happening inside my head but actually inside my entire body. I learned so much more about myself and feel extra empowered nowadays.

Also Solange is such a light! Her exciting energy is steady and contagious all the way through"

(owner & instructor at plankhq pilates/fitness studio)

Joe Joe Grooves (39)

"I had never heard about toxic positivity and since I joined the challenge I'm aware it's happening everywhere! I love how I can consciously choose now to sidestep away and protect myself instead.

Having empathy for one another, and yourself, really creates deeper understanding and support, and this challenge has truly helped me realize this."

(dance-artist & soulcycle instructor)


Ready to Upgrade your Mindset?

Solange truly believes things turn out the best for people who make the best out of the way things turn out, and this all starts with adding a positive mindset to your lifestyle. Most people can’t find the right tools or life hacks to apply a positive mindset consistently to their lifestyle, as they don’t really know what they are looking for and how to perceive it.

But, don’t you worry! 

You are in the right place, as Solange has years of experience and has been studying this to bring you the perfect mix of science, spirituality and her own successful stories and life hacks.

Tell me more
What you will discover during this challenge:
  • What to look for when you want to change your model of reality 
  • How to identify the unsupportive voice in your head 
  • Unlearning negative patterns
  • How to open yourself up to new positive possibilities
  • What to do when your emotions are out of balance 
  • How to recognize and avoid toxic positivity
  • The best life-hacks to create and keep a positive mindset 
  • How to apply your new knowledge to transform your own reality

 And much more…


Determination + Willpower =

Mind over Matter



This challenge contains serious knowledge worthy of several hundreds of dollars to thoughtfully elevate your mind game. On top of it all, Solange has wrapped all her amazing mindset tips together, so you donโ€™t have to put in the same amount of energy or dollars like she did over the years, but instead, you simply invest in yourself for only $55!


Give me your ear...

If Solange could help you get a hold of a concrete path in which you could thrive in the energy of living your true purpose, you would at least want to hear about it, wouldn't you?

SOLO JUMP Audiobook & Positive Mindset Challenge $70