Everything you want is one dream away. 

What started off as a journey to discover my own worthiness and desires transformed into the start of my very own business. These days, I help others cut through their own limited beliefs and identities so they can re-align with who they really are and are meant to be.

My mission is to inspire and guide people all over the world to trust their gut and lead with their heart.

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Solange's challenge was truly transformative. It provided me with valuable tools and perspectives to break through my limitations. The practices from the workbook were particularly powerful, and I feel more aligned with my true self than ever before. Highly recommend!


Solange's energy is contagious. The challenge was a fantastic purchase and has definitely helped me take a step forward.


Solange's challenge helped me get to know myself better. Beautiful insights and a wonderful meditation.

Hi I'm Solange.

I'm a lightworker, who helps people build courage and break through limited beliefs so they feel free, brave and confident enough to solo jump towards their personal desires.


''Solange Zindzi is a certified life, mindset, and movement coach, spiritual leader, powerful inspirer, passionate dancer, author, speaker, connector and glow-getter expert. A woman with a big vision who helps dreamers become glow-getters and leads those who are unaware towards greater awareness.''

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You change your Life by changing your Mind.




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This blog offers you guidance that is effective, down to earth, creative, and most of all, FUN!

My dream is to create a conscious and curious like-minded community filled with self-assured, courageous, healed, and positive beings who believe in themselves and their dreams. Individuals who dare to solo jump through life!


Eat Pray Love


Your Mind thinks but your Heart knows

Self-trust leads to Better Balance between Male & Female Energy


Solange's challenge has so much knowledge plus amazing tips.


This challenge was truly empowering. It provided me with special tools and new ways to look at life. It's filled with great nuggets of wisdom! The 'awareness test' helped me reflect finer and gave me better awareness of myself.


Solange's energy is super infectious and her challenge is so eye-opening!

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