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May 01, 2022

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Apr 03, 2022

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Mar 06, 2022

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Solange Zindzi is a certified life and success coach, passionate dancer, model, author, speaker, glow-getter expert, and a woman with a big vision who helps dreamers become glow-getters. 




She lights up the room like the summer sun with her buckets full of contagious energy, and the brightness of her character shines through her eyes and through an electrifying smile that immediately catches your eye. Solange does everything in her life with pure intention, passion and purpose, and is convinced your potential is truly limitless!

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The Positive Mindset Challenge by Solange Zindzi, is a mini course which utilizes the principles of internal experiences, mindset, energy, daily influences, awareness of repeating thoughts & behavior,  rewiring of old patterns and (toxic) positivity.
This course is guaranteed to help you shift your mind game to a more positive, supportive and encouraging mindset which no longer holds you back or prevents you from what you really want to do.
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What for Solange started off as a journey to discover her own worthiness and desires, transformed into the start of her very own business. Solange’s mission is to inspire and guide people all over the world to listen to, trust and follow their own inner voice while she teaches them how to build courage and confidence to solo jump towards their personal desires.


Solange helps you cut through your own limited beliefs and identities so you re-align with who you really are and are meant to be. Her coaching:

  • focuses on the deeper levels of the mind, body and soul
  • shows different ways to simplify the road of discovery and apply your own superpowers so you can live more vibrantly.

Solange aspires that everyone she gets to cross paths with for that one minute or that chapter in life, will feel better about themselves than they did before, which is why she has her heart set on: if you work with her, it will be the same for you! 

Positive Mindset Challenge

"Solange is super authentic and there's SO much knowledge plus amazing tips in this challenge.  I really enjoyed it!"

 Amina Buddafly (39) music-artist



Her style of coaching is:

  • easy to follow
  • effective
  • down to earth
  • creative
  • fun

And, anybody can benefit from her book, blog, social platforms and courses!

Solange’s dream is to create a conscious and curious like-minded community filled with self-assured, courageous and positive beings who believe in themselves, their dreams and who dare to solo jump through life.


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