Your Mind thinks but your Heart knows

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I try to live what I know.

The experiences of my life have made me believe that our path is already written. Yet, I believe there are different versions of these tracks (paths of life), and as long as you continue to make love-based decisions (decisions made by your heart or whenever you decide to let your soul lead the way), you will continue to go higher and higher, and eventually you will walk your highest and most aligned life path. But, if you let fear win, and make fear-based decisions (when you let your mind decide the course of your life), you will stumble down to a lesser life.

You will still be walking ‘your path,’ it just won’t be your highest path and it will simply be a lesser life than what was meant for you or written in the stars for you. This is a harsh reality I have had experience with, as through many moments of my life, I came to the crossroads where I was well aware what the fear-based exit would be and what the love-based exit could be. Your fear-based decisions are always coming from the mind (logic, comfort, safety, what you know, settlement), while your love-based decisions are always coming from the heart (love, passion, purpose, faith, the unknown, growth).


Your mind is masculine and full of fear. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as it has to focus on fear because its main goal is to keep you safe, to protect and provide you with information to help you evolve. A little side note but this is why I believe, within partnerships, for that same reason, the man / the masculine person / masculine energy, wants to protect and provide for the feminine so they can keep them safe. At the other end, your heart is feminine and full of love, which means it will feel, connect and create love, passion and purpose in your life. The heart is connected to your emotions and your soul, which is why I believe that in partnerships, the woman / the feminine person / feminine energy, will emotionally and spiritually open up their masculine and inspire them to become a better person so they can equally continue to protect and provide for the feminine in the highest way. 

What a full circle, right? Well done, nature / Universe / God / Spirit!

(Don’t quote me on this, but I believe this is how it naturally goes within partnerships. Therefore, it will remain a vicious circle that continues over and over again, while being able to rise, grow and go higher together, each and every time. As long as both people are willing to take ownership for their personal responsibilities and growth. Then, it will have a positive ripple effect on them personally, and on each other, in a beautiful, inspiring, loving and safe way.)


The more love-based decisions you make, the closer you are to love and the freer you start feeling, as there won’t be any fear around. And let me tell you a fun fact: love and fear can’t exist in the same space at the same time. When there is love there is no fear and when there is fear there is no love. Period.

Anger, resentment, guilt, regret, sorrow, jealousy, shame and embarrassment are all expressions of fear. These are lower-frequency currents of energy which make you lose power and you experience feelings of weakness and in ability to cope. Love is the highest frequency current and it produces compassion, humbleness, clarity, radiance, joy, lightness and brightness. These make you gain power and feel empowered. Each day, you have the opportunity to gain or lose power, according to the choices that you make.


The crazy thing is, the more you live with and from love, the more freedom you feel FROM yourself, not FOR yourself.

What do I mean by this?

Freedom FOR yourself is when you try to create a life which makes sense to the mind, where you think that when you do x, y or z, you will create the most freedom for yourself. Yet, the moment you create freedom for yourself, you’re trying to become someone (you are creating a personality for yourself, which means you no longer live from the soul). The moment you’re trying to become someone, you will have to keep up with this personality (ego) which you think aligns with the image you see for yourself or of a person who lives free – an image you have created (in the mind) that you think is related to freedom. 

Yet, when you create freedom FROM yourself, you are making decisions based from your heart (soul), and this is, in other words, how I define the journey of self-love. Freedom from yourself is where you no longer try to hold on to an image or personality and don’t make choices based on what you think is right. Instead, you start to love every piece of yourself. You let go of every label you thought would be right or wrong. You no longer hold on to anything you think is needed in order to feel free, and instead, you simply be. You allow and embrace the purest form of your being and you start to love and accept every mistake, flaw, trauma, odd, amazing, beautiful piece of your true self. This, over time, will lead you to freedom from yourself: the highest state of your well-being.

The more you dare to do this, the more you start shedding all these layers of yourself, all these images you thought were needed or valuable on your journey to become free. But instead, you accept all you are and all you are not, which then will evolve into aligning with this higher vibrational feeling and frequency. The more you dare to rip off any layer that no longer serves or resonates with you, the happier and more aligned you start feeling within, the more aligned you will start feeling in life, and on your path of purpose.


For these past 33 years, I have allowed my heart and soul to take the lead most times. I have taken a million U-turns, roundabouts and exit lanes simply so I could continue to stay on track with my highest path. And this is hard because a lot of these changes made no sense to the outside world, or even to me, in the moment. And I have learned through my experience that they often make no sense, are out of ordinary, far from logical, and maybe nobody around can even relate to or imagine why you make these changes and choices. Yet you know and feel deep down in your heart that these are the right choices, simply because they feel right in your core, in your gut and in your heart. They often make zero sense to the mind (as the mind operates from fear, and fear of the unknown is a big scary mindset for many). Yet your heart gives you indicators of hope and faith, and sprinkles of love to stick to the course and stay on the love road to feeling and achieving freedom from yourself. Each and every time, I chose to keep and stick to my love-based decision over my fear-based decision, I started feeling a little more like myself. I realized the more love-based choices you make, the easier the shedding becomes and the more authentic you are and your life will be.


I hope this blog inspires you to reflect on your own life and wonder where you have made choices out of fear (mind/personality) and where you have made choices out of love (heart/soul). Nobody can give these answers for you, and only you know deep in your core if you’re actually living a life which feels in alignment with your highest potential or not.


How do you wish to learn in life? Through doubt and fear or through wisdom?

Are your decisions moving you towards your personality or towards your soul?

Are you living your life from your head or your heart?

Are you living life with logic, doubt or faith?

Do you walk through life wounded or wise?

Are you living life running away from fear or attracted to love?

Are you choosing faith over fear or comfort over the unknown?

Are you living a lesser life or your highest, most aligned life?


May I remind you: your mind thinks but your heart knows. And all I hope to do is to guide you to your highest path so you can live a free life: a life filled with love-based choices over and over again. May you love yourself, accept yourself and trust yourself so you can feel free to be your most authentic self.

I want you to know: authentic power must be earned, choice by choice and step by step. Each time you allow yourself to create freedom from yourself and align with the energy of your soul; you empower yourself and create authentic empowerment. May you live your most authentic, aligned and highest life path, filled with love, passion and purpose.




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