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awareness change energy growth manifestation mindset self-talk transformation Feb 05, 2023

I started this year right and celebrated big time during an indoor festival in Amsterdam. My friends and I were having the most amazing time, danced a lot and were truly only tuning into each other and the music. At some point, I started to wander around and realized there were two kinds of people at this event:

  • People who were celebrating their life
  • People who were escaping their life

And the craziest part, the people who I think were there to escape their life, instead of celebrating it, most likely weren’t even aware of how low their vibration was vibrating and how totally opposite their energy level was compared to the people who were celebrating life. I was observing the people around me and couldn’t believe how so many people were ignorant about their own vibes. I realized that truly the only difference between one person and the next is vibration, and this event opened my eyes to all the people who express ignorance about themselves.

This made me wonder how it’s possible that so many people are struggling to live the life they dream about… How is it possible that so many people desire to escape their lives instead of celebrating them?

These thoughts stayed in my mind and became my motivation for this month’s post.


Did you know, the results you achieve in your life are a manifestation of certain bits and pieces of information and experiences you combine? Most people take in information through their senses (see, smell, touch, hear, taste, energetic impulse) then act on these experiences, which then manifest in the results of their life.

Oftentimes, people forget they can operate with their intellectual faculties too and not only have to depend on their senses. What I mean by this is that you don’t have to depend on your senses to look outside of yourself for proof of creating your dream life but that you can truly choose your dream life. Because, once you create this picture in your mind (visualizing your dream life) and then become emotionally involved with this image, you can eventually, over time, create your ideal results in your life as long as you choose to act on it.

With this knowledge, you can make almost anything happen with your life, but you have to be aware of your own powers. When you are ignorant about your powers, you will continue to let the results in your life control your thinking instead of the (positive) thinking becoming the cause of your (dream) life. 


A lot of “ignorant people” have a dream or set a goal but then they look for the signals or proof of results to make it happen outside of themselves, to find out if this dream really can become reality. Right within that moment of desperately searching for proof of possibilities, ignorant people forget about their goal and start to worry. Worry oftentimes goes together with doubt, and their doubt crawls back in, which evolves into creating a negative experience within their body. That worry (negative thought) evolves into an emotional feeling, and this negative feeling is called fear. All this negative energy creates low vibrations and must be expressed through the body and will express itself as a negative vibration, often known as anxiety or depression.

This is why I believe that worry or fear are not the cause of anxiety or depression but ignorance is. If ignorance is the cause of anxiety/depression, then it means that awareness is the remedy for it.


A lot of the things I share or talk about in my book and through my blog might already be familiar topics to you. But I’ve learned that it’s not about the knowing but it’s about understanding. When you understand something, it means you are truly aware, which eventuates into creating different, new and creative habits for yourself. Therefore, you no longer will allow self-sabotaging thoughts to run free through your mind and instead you will catch yourself and bring yourself back into alignment with your truest desires to fulfill and live your dream life. The moment you feel aligned with your desires or at least feel like you are on track to achieving them, you no longer feel the need to escape your life and will learn how to celebrate each step along the way.

So, all you’ve got to do is enlighten ignorance and embrace self-awareness, right? How? Through reading, studying and developing new skills while getting to know yourself more and more each day. (My main motivation behind my blog, book and courses. I'm here to support you!) Truly learn to understand yourself and everything that’s part of your spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical being.


As a kid, you had all kinds of ideas programmed into your subconscious mind, and eventually you would start thinking new conscious thoughts which were already in harmony with your subconscious programming (the habits and conditioning you already had gained through your life). These thoughts create and set up a vibration that you’re used to, which is also known as your comfort zone. But, what if I told you that your comfort zone may not help you achieve the results you want? What if I told you that your current conditioning, subconscious programming and your current vibes are simply comfortable and maybe no way near helping you live your dream life?

As long as an idea (of your ideal dream life) is only in your conscious mind, you have the ability to choose to think about this idea, but it will have no effect on how it makes you feel or what you eventually will do. To be able to act on your idea, it must go through your subconscious mind and that part of your conditioning (personality/habits). Therefore, you will never be able to act on a new idea without it passing first through your subconscious mind.

Fun fact:Your body is running 95% on your subconscious mind and only 5% is conscious.

This means, each time you want to impress a new idea (of your ideal life) on your old programming/condition, it creates a foreign vibration, which creates a mental conflict, and instantly and automatically, doubt will crawl back in, which then evolves into the emotional state of fear. Whenever that feeling takes over, you don’t know what to do with it, so you most likely will step back into safety and start consciously reasoning with yourself why that “comfort zone” is way better than your dream life.

“What was I thinking? Maybe I don’t really need to live these dreams?” or other self-sabotaging thoughts to keep you safe in your comfort zone will roll forward. All this “reasoning” is truly doing is racing lies through your mind. (Sounds familiar?)

But when you start to understand this and create awareness, this will be your first step towards freeing yourself of this behavior. It will be the first step towards freedom and the first step towards creating your dream life.

The more you learn to express and act on a new idea, the weaker your old conditioning becomes. And as much as everything on the outside remains to appear the same, your inside is showing you, little by little, that it’s not.

Once you understand this, I can promise you, your confidence will grow too, as confidence comes with understanding. And the more confident you move in the direction of your new ideas or dreams, the bigger your success will be.

You can have all the knowledge but if you don’t understand this concept or are not emotionally evolved and in harmony with your ideas of your dream life, you can’t act on them and won’t be able to manifest them and definitely won’t be able to celebrate them.

Only the person who takes risks is free. Only the person who becomes aware has power and only the person who is living their dreams will continue to celebrate their life instead of finding ways to escape it.

High level of consciousness = high level of awareness


In life, you can either step forward into growth or step back into comfort and safety. You can be moved by ambition or you can be led by fear. Will you choose to stay ignorant or will you continue to gain and grow your awareness? The choice is yours!

*Reread this post over and over again to become more aware every single time. 



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