What my Roadblocks have Taught me

battles change motivation perspective redirection rejection rise roadblocks steppingstone uplift Mar 06, 2022

Nobody said it’s easy becoming the person you’re meant to be, and sometimes life truly feels nasty, horrible, unfair, painful and a big fat struggle. Lately, my life has been very challenging in all areas, and this can feel overwhelming at times. Therefore, I try to remind myself: one battle at a time.

As much as my battles can feel like massive roadblocks on the way and give me from time to time the feeling of being stuck, I do know deep down that each roadblock is there to redirect me to my true destiny. It’s there to help me expand my growth journey and lift me up to a new level of life. Why? Because I trust deeply (having learned this through life’s experiences) that the universe doesn’t make mistakes. Eventually, it all happens for you and not to you, even though it doesn’t always feel like this in the moment.

As a human (especially as an artist), you often deal with feelings of rejection, which can feel like a massive roadblock on the way too. You want to go in a certain direction so badly and then, BAM! Things don’t work out like you hoped, and you feel like you’re at a dead end. Looking back at my past roadblocks… I now trust, know and truly believe that every “NO” is one step closer to my “YES!” I’ve learned that rejection is purely a form of protection and redirection to what is really meant for you. There are no dead ends, simply roundabouts.

Nowadays, I see every rock or roadblock that is lying on the road as my personal stepping stone to lift myself up to a new level. Every stone which is blocking my way is simply redirecting me to a new level of greatness. Being able to change my perspective from seeing the roadblocks as stepping stones takes time, patience, and experience, and in the beginning sometimes still goes together with many feelings of frustration, powerlessness, pain, disappointment and sadness. And then suddenly, you see it… You feel it… You realize it. It’s not there to bully you; it’s truly there to uplift you!

Whenever I feel like I’m standing right in front of a roadblock once again, I put on the song (on repeat) Don’t stop Movin’ by Livin’ Joy and sing out loud while dancing away.

Don't stop movin'

Keep it up

Keep on movin' get it right

Yeah you've got to get it right

Oh yeah oh

Don't stop movin'

It's your life

Keep on movin' get it right

Yeah you've got to get it right

This song reminds me that nothing in this world can stop me unless I let it. While dancing and singing along, I allow myself to open up to my new personal perspective:

  • How can this roadblock lift me to a different level?
  • Where is this roadblock redirecting me to?
  • How can I change this roadblock into a stepping stone?
  • How can I use this stepping stone?
  • What is this stepping stone trying to teach me?

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. - Wayne Dyer

You can’t always change everything around you but you surely can change the way you think about it. In other words, when you change your thoughts, you change your view, you change your life! (I dive way deeper into this in my Positive Mindset Challenge.)

Everything you go through is there to help you rise. It’s helping you to make space for what’s truly meant for you so you can become the person you are meant to be (desire to be). And this will all happen over time as long as you don’t stop moving.

So, turn up the volume and let’s boogie it out. Cheers to having new views, changing perspectives, reframing beliefs, trusting the process, no longer feeling stuck and to embracing every single stepping stone on our journey!

PS For more uplifting tunes, check out my Spotify SOLO JUMP playlists!




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