Welcoming my Emotions makes Life easier

awareness discomfort emotions energy growth perspective transformation May 01, 2022

What makes you think that this situation you may experience wouldn’t be happening to you? Why? But really, who do you think it would happen to and who do you think you are, assuming it wouldn’t be happening to you?

These questions pop into my mind, mostly when I have to deal with uncertainty, pain, disappointment, sadness, discomfort, scarcity or moments of unfairness. What a joke right, ’cause who do I think I am, thinking it couldn’t be happening to me?

Whichever emotion you experience and feel in your body (even when you can’t identify this emotion yet)it has a purpose! Emotions are oftentimes the end product of our past experiences and each unpleasant experience follows up with unpleasant emotions. Often, the stronger the emotional reaction, the more attention you pay to the cause of this emotion.

You are not your emotions but you are the one who feels them. (Just like you are not your thoughts but you are the observer of your thoughts.) The moment you learn to accept that feelings like fear, hurt and pain are also part of life, you can choose to not resist them and instead to see them as something which isn’t negative or something that drags you down. I would love for you to challenge yourself to invite all emotions in with compassion while you disarm the power they have over you. (Disarming their power starts with creating this new perspective and awareness of welcoming all your emotions.)

When you create a consciousness and awareness where everything is welcome, even difficult emotions, you realize this awareness is an infinite space. Keep inviting (instead of resisting) whatever rises into that space. Allow it to come and go. Every emotion is welcome and can be there, as in life we need both the light and the dark. How can you feel the freedom of the sun when you haven’t sat for a while under the shade of the trees? It’s our job to learn to appreciate both. It’s our job to learn to accept and exist in each and every state. The task is to learn, appreciate and welcome each part of you without discrediting it or denying it.

I’ve learned that naming my emotions is the key to understanding them. Yes, this can be hard and confrontational. Also, it will take time… Therefore, you don’t have time to find time ’cause time is not hiding… So, you gotta relax into who you are and into whatever you’re feeling in that moment.

I highly suggest you practise naming your emotions, as your emotions are PART OF you. However, YOU are NOT your emotions and they are just a specific kind of “energy in motion.” Your emotion is basically your conscious level of how you are vibrating. Energy wants to move. Therefore, when stuck emotions cause stress, it’s the energy asking you to help it move. 

"Your anger? It's telling you where you feel powerless. Your anxiety? It's telling you that something in your life is off balance. Your fear? It's telling you what you care about. Your apathy? It's telling you where you're overextended and burnt out.  Your feelings aren't random. If you want to get anywhere, you need to be able to let them speak to you, and tell you what you really need." - Brianna Wiest

Emotions are not a bad thing and they are simply messages which are trying to tell you something. When a bad feeling arises you can feel the bad feeling and lose yourself in it. Or, you can take it a step further and figure out what the feeling is trying to tell you. The purpose of your emotions is simply to drive your next steps.

When you feel like an emotion is trapped inside of you, you could ask it the following questions.

  • What is this emotion trying to tell me?  
  • What message does it have for me?  
  • What is this emotion teaching me?  
  • What does it want me to know?

When you decide to listen well to your emotions, you will truly find wisdom in them. I’ve learned now that all emotions are valid and deserve to be felt and released. And welcoming all your emotions is the first step towards letting them flow and go.

Acknowledge, accept, feel, identity, name, experience and release.

The moment you learn to release (instead of surppress) the emotions you store in your body, in a healthy way (join the Positive Mindset Challenge to learn how), you allow energy to flow again and magnetise positive vibrations back into your life. Once you’ve embodied your own emotions fully and allowed them to truly move forward… your behavior will change naturally and a new state of being will appear. Your current state of being will influence your future actions, which is why it’s so very important to always do your best to get back into a state of pure joy and excellence.

I hope this encouraged you to not just 'handle' your emotions but to truly welcome, experience and release all your emotions (without judgement).

Do you want to know my favorite way to release my emotions? DANCE!! Whatever happens, I dance it out.

Self-exploration can take you to places you never knew existed and it's limited only by your own imagination. - Jim Carrey 



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