The Power of Intention

The Power of Intention

awareness energy faith intention Aug 07, 2022

Do you go to sleep each night knowing you did what you intented to do?

Wherever I am in the world, no matter the “job-title” I have, whoever I’m with or whatever I am doing, my intentions are clear, solid and the same. My main intention is to make people feel better than they felt before they met me, no matter if I see you for 5 minutes or know you for 5 years. I believe it’s my intention to make the people I cross paths with feel a lil’ better than they did before. Some days this is through storytelling or listening, other days through performing in a show, or through sharing experiences together, or through a simple hug.

The moment you know your intentions behind every move you do, the words you choose to speak, or how you decide to show up, your intentions behind the way you choose to spend your time and energy become clearer too.

I recently learned that I should FIRST have the intention to make myself feel better than I did before. And then, I can have the intention to focus on the wellbeing of others. That saying that you can’t pour from an empty cup suddenly hit home... It’s a journey but I’m learning along the way and sharing my lessons proudly with you! ;)


What would you ask for if your intentions could be fulfilled right now?

I want you to know, everything already exists in the universe. It simply requires intent and intention to collapse your desires into your reality and into your physical world. I know this sounds crazy because you might be thinking right now: “Hold up. There are so many things I desire to have, feel, own right now which I don’t have, feel or own yet.” So, you might be wondering: What do you mean, it already exists? 

I believe that intent or intention is the basis of every creation. Everything you desire already exists somewhere in the universe, and, through living with intention, you create your own desired reality. A house, a loving partner, becoming a dog mum, a loyal friendship, a holiday home, a dream job, food on the table each night, you name it. Whatever you desire, it will be created for you through your intentions during this lifetime.

Everything is energy and everything simply transforms. It’s all about using your intentions the right way so you can transform your desires into your personal reality. For example, imagine you put salt grains in a bowl and then add hot water to them. Because of the hot water, the salt dissolves. When you now look in the bowl, you don’t see the salt anymore and you simply see water. Did the salt disappear? No, because whenever you drink the water, you will taste that it is super salty! Now you notice here that the salt simply changed form. It transformed from one form into another. But it’s still there.

This is what I mean when I say it simply requires intent to transform your desires into your physical world. Just because you can’t touch or see your desires yet, doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Everything already exists, and, simply based on your intentions, you can make your needs and desires become part of your own reality.

Anything can be intention. That said, intention is not something you can grab or hold, as it’s beyond space and time. Intention is similar to imagination, insight, intuition, inspiration, meaning, purpose, creativity and understanding. They all fall into a similar category, as, for example, your “mind.”

It all has nothing to do with the body but it needs the body to apply intent. For example, your mind is not something you can hold in between your two hands, although your brain is something you can hold. Yet your mind is what uses the brain to make sense out of whatever information it has. So, the person who uses their mind properly can achieve things in their physical world and reality. The way you use your mind is the same way you should use your intentions.

Right now, you’re reading this blog on your phone or on your computer. Your brain observes the color of the ink on this website page, your mind interprets the symbols made by this ink and puts meaning to these symbols, which become words. Through using your mind, you (your soul) as the observer, observe this experience, and whatever you decide to do with this experience depends on your intentions. You can’t hold your intentions, but, just like the mind, it’s your intentions which decide how your physical reality will turn out, and you have the ability, through using your body, to make choices through intention. (Do you still follow me?) Eventually, your soul (you) is what takes care of the details to fulfill your intentions, and this is how dreams become reality.

Intention is a way of fulfilling a certain need you have. This could be a need for material things, for a relationship, for a dream job, a friendship, for spiritual fulfillment or for love. Intention is basically the thought you have behind the action that follows, and, through intention, you help yourself fulfill your needs or desires. Intentions and desires are truly the basis of your actions. The moment you repeat your intentions, you’re creating habits. Your intentions can be large – think of lifelong needs/desires. Or, you can have small intentions, which is the intent you redirect your energy to on the daily, or maybe even every hour.

So let me ask you again. What would you ask for if your intentions could be fulfilled right now?


When you live without intentions, you can see this as if you are an actor in a play and you only get one line at a time. But when you get in touch with your true self, with your soul’s calling, you see the whole script and actually learn how to live with intentions! The moment you know the script, you will enjoy the play more joyously, consciously and fully, as you now understand your purpose and your intentions during the entire play. Now you can intentionally make choices based on knowledge and born out of the feeling of freedom, instead of fear or unawareness.

Every moment now becomes more valuable, as it has a deeper meaning in the context of your life. Through knowing your soul’s intentions (and not your ego’s), you are now capable of rewriting the script or changing your role through applying true intention and grasping opportunities which align with your calling.

(I know we got really deep here real quick! Hi, let me re-introduce myself. I’m Solange Zindzi and I love to talk about deep stuff. Hold tight!)


Recently I received a reading in which it felt like I was able to read the possible script of my life. As much as I nowadays feel like I still only receive one line at a time, this reading felt like a sneak peek of the entire story, so the single lines and their intentions would suddenly make more sense to me. It now feels like I understand and trust the bigger picture more, which makes it easier to choose my daily intentions, as I no longer only read one sentence at a time.

It makes me more aware of the “choice of words” I have and of the possibility to change the words where needed to make sure “the audience” receives “the play” of my “acting role”  as good as possible. The clearer my intentions as a person are for the total play and performance, the clearer my intentions become behind my daily choice of words and actions.

I’ve learned through life that your true intentions can only be fulfilled when they fulfill and serve your needs AND the needs of others. Therefore, you want to make sure that whatever your intention is, it comes from a place of love and positivity. Will it serve the larger good or will it simply serve your self-image or ego? Check in with yourself and ask yourself honestly… What are your intentions behind your daily actions? Will they create true joy and fulfillment in you and all those affected by your actions?

Whenever you set your intentions, this allows you to take control of your personal choices in life. Everything that happens in the universe, and in your life, starts with intention. Intention provides opportunities (positive or negative) that you have to be aware of. Through setting intentions, you purposely choose how you want to live life, as now you actively live life with purpose. For every intention you may as well ask…

How would this intention serve me and how would it serve everybody I come in contact with?


“You are what your deepest desire is. As is your desire, so is your intention. As is your intention, so is your will. As is your will, so is your deed. As is your deed, so is your destiny.”

- Ancient Vedic


*This Blog post is inspired by 'The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire'  by Deepak Chopra. (I strongly recommend reading it!)



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