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change growth intention manifestation motivation rise solo jump transformation Jan 01, 2023

Hello, New Year!

As much as I believe in identifying your needs all year round and checking in with yourself on a regular basis to see and mostly feel if you are still feeling aligned, fulfilled and happy (instead of feeling unaligned, stressed, bored or stuck...), I do think there’s one thing we can all agree on. The New Year always brings new energy. As soon as January 1st happens, there’s just this energy shift that makes you feel like things are able to change again, right? It’s almost as if you’re reflecting on your life and finally are able to hit the refresh button when and where needed.

Therefore, I want to dedicate the first blog of the year towards helping you with your goals for the year. Goal setting is super personal and everybody takes a different approach. Therefore, I’m not saying that my way is the only way, but I would love for you to be open minded while reading this post and to take on board all the tools which resonate with you. 

 So, my dear reader,

  • Where are you currently feeling stuck?
  • What desires do you have?

Take a moment, pause, reflect and think about the goals you have been chasing or want to chase. What dreams do you have? What are your goals for this year? I would love for you to write down everything which comes to mind. It’s important to write down all the goals of all areas of life which align with your desires. Write without judgement; this way, your goals are full of beautiful emotions. Emotions are our drivers, as they stimulate our minds. The emotions behind your goal setting are what connects your goals to your soul and help you visualize your dream life.

Now that you’ve written down all your goals, I want you to pay attention to how you have written down your goals, as there is a big difference between writing down goals or writing down desired states or values. For example, if you have written down “I want to feel happy,” then I have to unfortunately tell you that this isn’t a goal. This is a state you desire to have. But states are possible to change right within this moment and I will show you how.

I would love for you to think back to a time you felt super happy. I want you to go right back to that time and feel the feelings again of being totally happy. Where were you? What did you see? What did you hear? What did you feel? Who were you with? Close your eyes, visualize this moment again, and truly go back to that time you felt all the feelings of being totally, intensely, super happy! The moment you feel this again, you can open your eyes. 

Those feelings of happiness are right now flowing through your body again, right? This is why “I want to feel happy” isn’t a real goal but a state instead. And states can change right within this moment and aren’t measurable, while goals are a specific, desired outcome which take time and are a result of certain actions.


To show you the real difference between values and states or goals and results, I’ve written them down for you into a column.

Values / States

Goals / Results



Writing affirmations

Writing goals

You can have it now

Time is needed to achieve it

No steps needed, as you can associate with it now

You need steps to get there

Not measurable, infinite


For you and/or others

Only for yourself


Now that you know this, I would love for you to go over your list and draw a line through everything which is a value or state so only your GOALS are left. Once you’ve done this, I would love for you to start categorizing your goals into the following three areas:

  • Personal goals
  • Financial goals
  • Career goals


Then, for each area, answer the following questions:

  • Where are you today in this area of your life?
  • How do you want to feel in this area of your life?
  • What are the real drivers behind your goals?
  • What do you have to do to achieve these goals within this area of your life?

Once you answer these questions and have written down all the steps you have to take to achieve these goals and basically have defined your big goals into smaller steps… I want you to pinky promise to yourself that you will do three big or small actions, every day, to get one step closer to fulfilling your steps to eventually achieve your main goals. (More insights on how to best handle this are in Chapter 7 of my book SOLO JUMP.)


Next, you’re going to pick a date when you want these goals to be achieved and fill in the blanks of the following statement. (Inspired by my mentor Reese from Yes Supply)

It is now …  (Date when goals are desired to be achieved)

I will have / be / do ….

I will see / hear / feel …

I will achieve these goals because I …  (Personal resources)

*Examples of personal resources are: 

  • “I will achieve these goals because I’m a dedicated hard worker and have a lot of patience.”
  • “I’m good at networking and am very consistent in my actions.”
  • “I’m creative, disciplined and trustworthy and therefore more than capable to achieve my goals.”

You can make this section as long as you like! 


While writing down your goals, please get real with what you want out of life. Truly align with your deepest values, as actions without meaning or the right intentions are basically a waste of time. Understand your strengths and weaknesses, as this is your foundation for dreaming authentically. Be resourceful and detach from everything and everyone who holds you back. It’s time to rise!

So, glow-getter, what are your goals for the New Year?



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