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Each week, I go to the grocery store and see these amazing ‘healthy shots’ on the shelves. They are filled with incredible ingredients from celery to ginger to cayenne pepper and all the other great things that are good for your body. These shots are teeny-tiny and each one costs 6 dollars. 6 dollars!! I can’t believe it. Two sips and 6 dollars are gone within 1 second. Pfff, how expensive! What a waste of money, is truly what I always think.

But, do you want to know what really is expensive? Not thinking about your health. The costs when you’re not able to work or function are so much higher. What do you think it will cost you when you choose to not invest in yourself on the daily? Imagine all the day-to-day things, tasks and joys you leave behind when you aren’t capable of doing anything. Imagine the huge price of missing out on jobs, money, joy or energy...

When you don’t continue to invest in yourself, you realize soon enough that what you’re missing out on is so much more than the investment itself. Imagine all the chances you leave behind when you don’t take care of yourself or don’t do what is right for you (and your mind and body).

At the beginning of this month, I had an amazing job in Ecuador and I was there for 5 days straight. The day I flew back to Los Angeles, I had legit 24 hours in LA to wash my clothes, reset and repack, as the next day, I flew to Miami for the Latin Billboard Awards! YES!! What a dream come true!! Performing in an award show in the USA has been on my wishlist for the longest and it finally happened! But…it really was a close call, as who knows if I would have been able to do the job if I hadn’t invested in my health, ’cause that morning, I woke up in Los Angeles and I didn’t feel good... It felt like I was getting a fever and I truly felt super weak. “Shit…I can’t get sick!” is all I thought. “I’m about to work one of my dream jobs and have to be top fit…” I couldn’t let this happen.

I ran to a grocery store and bought not 1, not 2 but 6 health shots – 6 teeny-tiny 6-dollar shots, as, within that minute, I changed my mind, as suddenly I decided that 36 dollars was worth the investment!! I could not afford to lose this dream. This job, the experience, the money, the joy, the connections and the energy it would give me were no way up for loss. Suddenly, my perspective had changed and legit ANYTHING was worth investing in as long as I wasn’t getting sick. The shots helped, even though I realized soon enough that I had food poisoning from Ecuador, which meant that this fever and the amazing symptoms which go together with very bad food poisoning dragged on for 5 more days… 5 days of survival, but that being said, the health shots kept me going and on my toes! These super-shots became my lifesaver, and, for the following 5 days, I bought at least 4 shots a day!! Suddenly, nothing was expensive to me anymore ’cause the cost of losing this job would have been the biggest expense. 

Imagine the cost of losing this dream job if I had chosen not to invest in my health. Imagine the money I would have had to spend if I’d ended up in a hospital. Imagine the time and energy I would have lost to get myself back on my feet if I hadn’t invested in myself and listened to the needs of my body.

This experience expanded my mind, as oftentimes when I ask people if they are willing to invest in themselves or in their mental health, they share with me that it’s not high on their priority list (yet). People often wait until it gets bad (like I did in this example) before they see investing in their (mental) health as something which is truly necessary and should be a priority.

So let me ask you… Do you realize that investing in yourself and in your (mental) health can have a major impact on your life? Imagine having amazing energy every day to show up for yourself. Imagine not needing other people anymore to convince you of your talents. Imagine actually having the tools and confidence to believe in yourself. Imagine no longer waiting for others to give you approval to do something. Imagine joining my Positive Mindset Challenge and learning so many new things about yourself within 4 hours that you will never think the same ever again. I can truly share with you right now that the impact of investment into yourself is truly priceless!

One of my clients told me last week that my Results vs Reasons course has truly changed her, as she feels strongly that she will never be the same person ever again after her experience and participation in this course. Choosing to invest in herself had become the best decision she made this year. And the best part? It’s a change which she will carry with her FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE. From this moment on, she will continue to reap the fruits of these seeds forever!

So let me ask you.

Why wait ’till it’s too late?

Why wait ’till it all gets really bad before you choose to take care of yourself?

Think about all the chances you’re leaving behind right now by choosing not to invest in yourself. Money is such a mind fuck – as cheap can truly cost you SO MUCH! You may not want to spend 77 dollars on a 4-day course but you easily spend 10 dollars a month on a streaming platform like Netflix, don’t you? Do you realize that Netflix will cost you more in a year than investing in your mental health ever will? And no, I’m not only talking about the actual money, as the time and energy you put into watching series will eventually cost you the most! All this time and energy is at the expense of the time you could have to create your dream life, which will make you SO much happier! 

Imagine the cost when you continue to not do this, imagine feeling insecure for the rest of your life, imagine not growing, not feeling bold enough to truly make your wildest dreams come true, all because you have trained your mind that something is ‘expensive’ and refuse to change this perspective.

Shall I tell you what really is expensive? Not doing something which is important to you or for you. I’m here to remind you that cheap isn’t always a win, while something which looks expensive could truly give you a life-lasting change. If I hadn’t invested in myself and hadn’t bought all those health shots this past month, I could have missed out on the most amazing experience, which now has changed me and my life forever. Performing on LIVE television in the USA on an AWARD show… all the moments, experiences and people which were connected to this job, were worth SO MUCH MORE than money every will be to me and I would not have wanted to miss out on any of this because I didn’t care enough to love myself enough to truly show up for myself by investing in myself and my health. Yes, the food poisoning wasn’t something I had control over, but how I reacted to this problem was within my control. And I’m here to tell you that I learned to no longer wait until there’s a problem showing up in my life but to get my priorities in check and put my (mental) health back on #1.

Life is all about balance, and, in the end, everything has a cost. Something which looks cheap can feel like a win in that moment but can truly cost you so much more over time, while investments always come with rewards! The bigger the investments, the bigger the rewards. That said, a simple book can truly change your entire life too (ask my SOLO JUMP readers!), so don’t think you first need millions in the bank before you can invest in yourself to experience your rewards.

I’m here sharing this with you, as this month truly reminded me to never look at things which are related to health as expensive ever again. Why did I tell myself that a 6-dollar take-out coffee is normal but a 6-dollar health shot is expensive? Deep down, I have always known that, over time, this 6-dollar coffee will cost me and my health so much more than my 6-dollar health shot ever will. Yet, it did take this experience to change my perspective, and I hope that this may inspire you to invest in yourself too. And, in case you were wondering, I am here to help you!

I believe success is a team sport and I am willing to throw the ball of success to you as often as you need it, until you feel like you can do it on your own. That said, if you continue to not take the pass to throw your shot… at some point I (or others) will stop throwing the ball at you. Everything you struggle with comes with opportunities and lessons, as long as you’re willing to look at it this way. Through this blogpost, I decided to throw the ball at you, and it’s up to you now how you let the game play out.

I’m truly here to help you but I can’t help if you are not willing to be involved in helping yourself.

So, my beautiful reader, what is holding you back from investing in yourself?



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