Do you Trust your Gut?

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We live in a society where people often say, “Fake it ’till you make it.” But, to be honest, I am more a “Faith it ’till you make it” girl than a “Fake it ’till you make it” girl, as I strongly believe anything that’s not real lowers your frequency. However, I’ve experienced that when you’re able to hold space to feel hope and keep faith, you actually raise your own frequency.

Despite it having an effect on your frequency, what does “having faith” even mean? In my world, I translate “faith” as believing that this inner gut feeling, that inner voice, is speaking the truth. It means to me that you dare to trust it, even when it doesn’t make any sense within this moment of time. I personally not only listen, but I also act on this voice. I put in the work to follow up on the instructions this voice is giving me. In the outside, 3D, physical world, these instructions make oftentimes, NO SENSE, yet… There is often no proof that X will for sure lead to Y. Yet I simply KNOW it to be true, without having any proof of this “truth” yet, and the process of trusting this voice and acting on it, without any feeling of certainty that it will be your truth, is what I call having faith.

In life, we often want proof of success before we start a task, but with faith, you have to continue to fulfill the task to even find out that it’s success. The only way for faith to make sense is sticking the course, so hopefully, if you don’t slip or get distracted enough to give up altogether… you will make it to the moment in time where you can look back at your faith and are able to translate it back into actions which all made sense at one moment in time. It’s suddenly then so clear to see how those “illogical” messages and actions got you to this moment where suddenly your faith is now being built to a new level of faith, as now you have and hold proof of your own faith. There now is 3D proof of your faith-it-’till-you-make-it attitude, which shows and teaches you that the more proof you have, the easier it becomes to have faith at this time, and therefore the more confidently you keep faith.

If you feel like your faith-it-’till-you-make-it attitude isn’t so powerful and strong yet, then you truly and simply need more “proof,” aka experience, to allow yourself to dive deeper into trusting your own gut. I believe we humans shouldn’t need any proof to trust what we feel inside to be seen as the truth. But unfortunately, we often don’t trust ourselves enough (yet) to trust this feeling until we have experiences to show and defend or speak for which will back up our faith. By building and expanding your list of proof over the years, you simply continue to have experiences which will help you grow your own trust and connection into believing and knowing your own gut feeling was right all along, which evolves into: the less proof you need in the future to trust and act on your gut feeling in your day-to-day life. Whenever you reach the point of not needing any extra 3D proof anymore, you simply know it, understand it, hear it, feel it and act on it. And this is where I would love to guide you to.

But first, I have a question for you.

Do you currently trust the subtitles you’re receiving from your gut?


The other day, I had a moment where I doubted for a second my own gut feeling, and my "sisterfriend" reminded me to stop doubting my own intuitive feelings. I said something to her and followed the story with: “I’m not 100% sure but I have a feeling X is what’s going on.” She reminded me of the fact that at this age, through all my lessons of life, my feelings or intuitive feelings have barely ever been wrong. I may not have always been confident enough to truly trust them or act on them. But, looking back, they were often right. Yet, I still sometimes have moments where I don’t use them confidently enough and still say, out of self-protection, “I’m not sure,” as I fool myself into not having had enough proof or I think I'm confused which voice (gut, heart, head or other people’s voices) is talking within that moment. However, honestly, I often times do know deep down it’s the truth. I am just afraid that people who still lack this deep connection with their own gut feeling will fail to understand my certainty within that moment, as there is no real proof yet, no matter my own certainty.

Thankfully, she wasn’t one of them. My sisterfriend has been my ride or die all my life. We have known each other since her birth in November 1990, which means she has been by my side for all these years and has seen me through all my ups and downs, has been listening to all my thoughts, feelings and stories and has witnessed all the experiences, outcomes, downfalls, dreams, and mostly my growth. She said: “Solo, have you ever been wrong about your gut feeling?” (Clarification; knowing what it says is the first step, truly listening and acting on it is something else and step 2…)

It was such an empowering moment and a powerful comment for her to remind me of this, as she was right! I may not have always listened to it, but the feeling was always in tune. She said: “At this point, we know that what you feel is your truth, so let’s just trust it and share it with me as a fact instead of an insecure, uncertain possibility.” Wow!

Because of this moment in time, I got inspired to set my resolutions for the New Year, which will be to trust my own gut and lead with my heart even more than ever before. (While I write this, the time is 3:33; I definitely trust my feeling for seeing this number as a sign of being aligned by making this choice in choosing to do so. I hope you still follow me.) 

The more you choose to do what feels right within and not what looks right on the outside, will also help you to live your truest, most authentic life. If you would have asked me 20 years ago about my life, I would have never known it would look the way it looks now. I would not have believed I would be writing my own blog, after publishing my own book, while sitting on a terrace in Los Angeles, having just come back from performing as a dancer on the Iheart Award shows in Miami and performing in another huge festival in New York the week before with truly an iconic legend. Never in my mind would I have believed I would ever speak English fluently and have friends (not just acquaintances but true friends) and family all around the world in truly every continent on this planet. I could not even imagine to have created this life myself. I truly wouldn’t believe I could, but my gut did! Not all at once, of course, but one thought, one intention, one desire, one dream, one feeling, one move, one step at a time.

I’m certain that in everything you do, there is a deeper meaning and truth in it or behind it. There could be a personal meaning for you alone, but it could also have a bigger intention behind it which has a major effect on also your family, circle of friends, country or the planet. I, for example, know that a big part of my purpose is to raise the vibration of humanity. I know this sounds super wide, big and vague, but I know it’s my truth because that’s what my gut is telling me. And therefore, I believe that this life that I choose to live, but didn’t really choose, is just the life that enfolds one gut feeling at a time. I believe that my gut receives this information from my higher self and my higher self knows the purpose of my life. It knows the entire story, the entire meaning and therefore its entire purpose. I can’t see the entire picture yet, but through receiving the information from my higher self, as she knows and guides me which steps to take next, being received and communicated through my gut, helps me know what page will be written next. The more I listen to my gut, the more I let go of my ego, the more aligned I live, and the closer I, in human form, live as my higher self, the better I can pursue my purpose.

My gut tells me I’m perfectly aligned and have currently ended up exactly where I am supposed to be. I, myself in physical human form, didn’t choose this life. I simply trusted my gut and listened to it. I followed it, I executed, and took action one step at a time.

I’m sharing this, as I think it’s time to live more aligned and truthfully. I think it’s time everyone dares to live more authentically by simply deciding to follow their gut instead of creating a life which makes sense, a life which is logic to the mind, a life which you think will be successful, as you’ve seen it done by others. Instead, I think it’s time to build a life which feels good, a life which feels right to you, a life based on feeling and which is built out of so many different experiences of feelings which were all followed and happened because you chose to listen only to your own gut.

I believe my gut’s biggest intention is always to create more love and peace inside and eventually around me, even when it doesn’t feel like this within all moments or seasons. I know each season is simply there to build me to be even stronger and more capable so I can handle and receive all the love and peace this new chapter is going to give me and all those around me, so I can live my truest purpose of raising the vibration of all those connected to me. 

Each time your higher self is trying to talk to you, I believe you are receiving the highest truth and the truest guidance. I don’t believe any person can advise me better than my higher self. I also have a spirit mentor (@carmengg76) who can channel with my higher self and therefore when life becomes a lil foggy, she can be the channel in the middle who guides and advises my spirit back to me, through receiving my own highest self’s advice. I basically am my own best life coach. (It’s always divinely perfectly on point.) Through receiving this guidance, it’s easier to separate the different voices inside my body. The easier it is to identify which one is my gut, the easier it becomes to listen, connect and act on it. My higher self barely ever comes with “new” information. She mostly reminds me which voice of them all was my gut, so it becomes easier to feel calm and peaceful while confidently choosing to follow her lead again. The more I am able to live by following my own gut, the higher my frequency is, the more love I vibrate and the more confident I feel.


I don’t know about you, but at this moment in my life, I’m aware that the voices inside are able to be identified as different voices. I’m sure there might be many more but these five are the main voices I hear inside:

  • The voice/opinion of others which found a way within (support and judgement)
  • The voice of my mind (logic)
  • The voice of my heart (love)
  • The voice of my gut (my higher self)
  • The voice of God (Spirit/Universe/Lord/Allah/Brahma/YHWH/Jahweh)

These are all different voices that if you don’t practice enough can all become very loud, intense and mingled, even so loud that you eventually can’t separate them anymore and don’t even know anymore which one is which, or which one to listen to. The more time you spend with yourself, the more you reflect on life, the more you become conscious and aware, the more you can separate, listen and trust your own voices.

The more you dare to act on these voices (or gut feelings), the more experience you have with your inner voices, the easier it will become to identify all these voices. Before you know it, you know exactly when which one is the main talker or when which one is trying to take the lead. The more time you invest in getting to know yourself (self-awareness and self-reflection is a must), the more you will know how to manage these voices. Practice makes progress, and, over time, it will become easier to figure out when to turn up the sound of one voice or lower another.

To the outside world, it may sometimes look like I’m just winging it or "solo jumping" left and right. But honestly, the outside world (thankfully) doesn’t know what I feel inside. And to be honest, I don’t know what they feel inside either. I only choose to live by listening to my own inner feelings, and mine alone. And this way of living has given me an awesome experience of life: the good, the bad, the growth, and the lessons. I feel alive, aligned and super connected, and I experience it all.

To be clear, the voice in my head is always open to hearing other perspectives and the voice in my heart is always open to experiencing new voices to create new ways and experiences. Yet the voice in my gut is the leader of the pack and truly is the only one I really should listen to. And I believe that everyone should only listen to the voice of their own gut. I believe, nobody can advise you better than your own higher self. Nobody has had your experiences, your struggles, your choices, your life. You lived it or have to continue to live it, which is also why you are the best in it, once you have established a good connection with your own gut feelings. Yes, this takes practice. Once you practice this often enough, you will become your own best expert, as you have simply lived it and continue to do so in your most authentic, brave way.


You have a purpose on this planet and I believe you can only fulfill this purpose when you choose to listen to your own gut. The tricky thing is that your gut often is not logical, makes no sense in that moment, feels unknown, out of ordinary, challenging, scary, sometimes even feels pretty impossible or so outside of the box. (Which is why, your gut is so susceptible to the manipulation of your mind, your heart and other people.) Yet it’s never wrong. It knows what you’re capable of before you even know what you’re capable of. It feels where you’re going and where you need growing. It knows what you will look like, what you will be doing and what your impact will be on this planet before you’re leaving this Earth. It knows the end goals and therefore it knows how to guide you to get there. But you have to be brave, ’cause growth is never easy. It’s never comfortable and it’s full of many little transformations over and over again to get to your biggest transformation. It’s a journey, one that’s magical, one that’s worth living. All you have to do is listen, trust and act on your own gut feelings. And dare to practice this over and over and over again. I wish you to have faith, to go where you’re called to go and where you’re inspired to be, which will lead you to where you’re meant to be.

I hope your 2024 will be filled with listening to your gut and leading with your heart, and don’t forget to enjoy the ride.

I wish you all a very Merry Xmas and a hopeful New Year filled with growth, joy, peace, faith and love. 


(More insights on how to trust your intuition are in Chapter 1 of my book SOLO JUMP.)



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