Creation vs Manifestation

change creation identity manifestation redirection transformation Apr 02, 2023

This past week, I’ve put the word “create,” together with two of my creative friends, as a tattoo on my body. “Create” stands for staying creative and bringing something into existence. This could be anything you want to create. When I just wrote the word “create,” I’m curious to know what idea came first to mind for you when I used this word. 

If you think about your current life, what would be on the top of your list of creations? Do you want to create more solid friendships? Do you live for the creation of a beautiful love life or family life? Do you want to create more freedom? Do you want to create more art? Create a business? Create more connection? Create more stability? Create more adventure? Create more rest? Or do you want to simply create more time to add more creativity into your life?

Another word that’s been used for creation is “manifestation.”  “Manifest” is a word which these days is being used in almost any conversation, as “manifestation” stands for creating something, bringing an idea into reality. If “manifestation” is similar to the word “creation,” I wonder why we most often choose to say “manifesting our dreams” instead of “creating our dreams.” 

You can create without manifesting but you can’t manifest without creating (creation is needed to be able to manifest). What I mean by this is, for example, when I was writing my book, I was creating my book, but my book wasn’t manifested until it was printed and published as a hardcopy to be read by others. It wasn’t truly manifested until it was part of the physical world and I was holding it in my own hands. Therefore, I think people prefer the word “manifesting,” as this word holds the power of truly not only creating your dreams but actually making them come true... Feeling them come true! In other words, creation is the process and manifestation is the “product.”

Whenever you’re manifesting, you’re creating and using your thoughts, feelings and beliefs to bring and magnetize something into the physical world. However, I believe that manifestation is a level up from creation, as you can be anybody to create anything, but you can’t be anybody to be able to manifest anything, as I believe you truly have to be the right version of you to be able to attract your manifestations. For that reason, to be able to manifest, the manifestation process involves a lot of creating. Yet, it starts and ends with creating the version of yourself you need to be to manifest and magnetize your desires. 

Your thoughts are electric and your heart is magnetic, which means that what you think and feel creates a certain impulse and vibration (energy / frequency) which goes into the universe. For you to be able to magnetize the magic into your life to manifest your creations (or visualizations), you truly have to match your energy to its being or to what you want. Once you do this, you will be capable of attracting and magnetizing exactly the creations you desire into your physical world...

When attracting and magnetizing, you are magnetizing to your heart, your frequency, your feelings and your thoughts. That being the case, you have to trust, know and believe you are already it, so your heart can pull it into you, enfold it back to you and make it come true. This is why the universe never gives you what you want but it gives you who you are. Just because you want something doesn’t mean you’re going to get it, but by working on creating the version of yourself you need to be to attract what you want, you have to become what you seek to be.

This is why motivational speakers often share that you shouldn’t do things to have things so you can become something, but that you have to be something so you can do things, which then means you can have things. 

I pinky promise: the moment you create and shift your identity, everything else will unfold.

The moment you have a clear idea on the identity you need to take on to become who you need to be, you will see that your frequency, values, beliefs, potentials, behaviors and environment will change automatically too. And the moment you become aware of these changes, means you are on the right track to start attracting the magic into your life.

I want you to know, the universe always delivers, but just know it truly only gives you who you are. Therefore, at its very core, you have to match your energy to the frequency of your desires.

Creating this new version of yourself to create your authentic creations all starts with a thought or a feeling. That said, you have to take action to see it through. You have to actively create so you can become. And last but not least: once you become and have created all you can, it’s time to trust, release and let go. This is because once you’ve created the right version of you, you will be able to magnetize exactly what’s meant to be, for you. 

*More information about the power of manifestation in Chapter 4 of my book: SOLO JUMP.



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