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Be Inspired to Inspire

freedom inspiration lifestyle motivation solo jump Feb 06, 2022

Did you know that the time you invest into getting inspired doesn’t give you any guarantee about how long this feeling will last?

"Washing yourself is something you do every day, each day you hopefully step into the shower at least once. No matter how much focus, energy and time you invest into cleaning yourself, one way or the other, you have to do it again the next day. You can take a shower for 10 hours or you can take a one-minute shower. Nonetheless, the second you get out, if you happen to fall into a muddy puddle, you are dirty and muddy again.

Inspiration or feeling inspired is very similar to taking a shower, as you have to do something every day to receive inspiration, otherwise it will disappear again the next day. Also, the time you invest into getting inspired doesn't give you any guarantee about how long this feeling will last. You can go to a one-week seminar full of inspiration and yet forget about this feeling the moment you walk out, if you don’t consciously and continually invest in keeping yourself up on this level. You could also read just one inspiring quote in the morning and feel inspired for the whole day! Knowing your initial invested time doesn’t really affect the duration of the feelings that follow, as long as you invest in it daily, means that you can think of different ways throughout your busy and less busy days to soak up inspiration so that you feel and stay inspired each new day. You could simply look at a single word or a quote, watch an interview, read a book or spend a whole day together with somebody who inspires you. Either way, you have to do something again the following day to once again experience this motivational feeling, created through any form of inspiration."

- SOLO JUMP (chapter 8) 



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