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awareness change growth inspiration perspective transformation Nov 05, 2022

This month felt like the start of a new season of my life. I didn’t just physically move from Summer to Fall but I also felt internally like I changed seasons in my personal life. Just like the seasons of the year in nature, a human being also goes through different seasons in their personal life, which means that your actual Winter can feel like Summer to you or the other way around.

What season do you feel you’re currently in?

Are you planting seeds, reaping the fruits of your labor or are you in the middle of a thunderstorm?

 I wrote down the personal seasons of life, what they stand for and what you should focus on within each season. This way you can figure out easier what season you currently resonate with the most. And, what actions you should take (or not). 


  • Season of Winter:

sadness, heartbreak, loneliness, sickness

  rest, prepare, learn.


  • Season of Spring:

hope, new beginnings, opportunities

act, take risks, grab opportunities.


  • Season of Summer:

signs of growth and expansion, abundance of distractions

nourish, protect, care, embrace.


  • Season of Fall:

success and achievements, failures

reap success and failure, accept your results.


I personally like to check in with myself every now and then to see what season I think I’m in. The more aware I am of my season, the clearer it is for me to see what my personal behavior should look like. This can help motivate me so I can embrace my daily tasks without feeling like I’m asking too much or too little from myself.

Everybody has a story, so never judge another person on the season you walk into. Judging others or comparing yourself with others is something which happens more often than it should and I can’t remind you enough to stop comparing your path with others, as then you’re missing the view and the benefits of each season. 

I’ve always believed that your body is a reflection of your daily habits, just like your wealth, health, mood, work and your relationships are. The sooner you accept this, the sooner you can own this! Therefore, the more energy you can put towards what really matters for you, the more aligned I think you will feel and be.

It may be Fall, and while Autumn is showing us how beautiful it is to let things go, notice how Fall is more a season for the Soul than Nature. Dive inside, do your work, read a book, be with yourself, find out what season you’re in and embrace your personal season fully! 



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Enjoy your Self-care Season! 



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