"Life is a song worth dancing to"

About her

Name: Solange Zindzi

Date of birth: 16th of July 1990

Residence: Amsterdam

Who is Solange?

Solange Zindzi is a passionate dancer, who lights up the room like the summer sun with her buckets full of contagious energy. The brightness of her character shines through her eyes and through an electrifying smile that immediately catches your eye.

Solange was born and raised in Amsterdam, but has a heritage mix that is quite unique. Parts of her roots are in Curaçao, a beautiful sunny island in the Caribbean, just above South America. But she is also extremely proud to be of Frisian blood, from an ancient province in the northwest of the Netherlands. The hallmarks of her unconventional blend of backgrounds are her voluminous golden curls and her adorable freckles. Yet it is her Dutch decisive fierceness and her Caribbean attitude of always seeing things from the bright side that affirms her eccentric individuality even more.

Solange graduated from the Lucia Marthas Institute of Performing Arts in Amsterdam, the Netherlands in 2011 as a dancer and dance teacher. In addition to obtaining her Bachelor in Dance and Dance Education, she attended dance workshops by Anthony Burrell in Amsterdam, (ME) Motivation Excellence Week Intensive by Rhapsody James in New York City, Cameron Lee mentorship in Los Angeles and was trained as an aerialist by Decker laDouceur in Toronto at the Toronto School of Circus Arts.

Who has she worked with?

Her dancing career experience encompasses concerts, video clips, live theatre, dinner shows, television work, modeling and cruise entertainment, i.e. moving theatre life at seas. She has worked with recording artists such as Irene Cara, Lionel Richie, Diana Ross, Justin Bieber, Chayanne, Far East Movement and LMFAO’s Redfoo. She performed at Carnival Choreographers Ball in New York City, Musical Awards Gala in the Netherlands, the ‘So you wanna be a popstar Netherlands’ show and at the Junior Song Festival in the Netherlands. She danced at Roncalli’s Apollo Variete Theatre show Route 66 in Dusseldorf and was a showgirl in the great Palazzo dinner show Viva la Vida in Mannheim both based in Germany. Solange Zindzi was also one of the few showgirls in ‘Andre’s Nieuwe Revue’, a theatrical tour in 15 different theaters in the Netherlands, including the famous Carré Theatre in Amsterdam.

For over four years, Solange was a cast member at NCL productions in collaboration with Norwegian Cruise Lines, the leading cruise company for entertainment in the cruise ship industry. Commissioned by the NCL, she danced for top choreographers including Patty Wilcox, Rachelle Rak, Eric Jordan Young, Robert Dean Hertenstein, Ray Garcia, Tiger Martina, and Rod McKuen.

Solange Zindzi is an all around commercial dancer with curly goldilocks who lives to dance and dances to live. Solange has no problem with translating her dance moves into real life: she is always on the move and never stands still for too long in one place. Just like her movements on the beat of music, her life has to flow.

All who have worked with her will attest to her great artistry and even greater personality and believe she is destined for even more than she could possibly imagine herself. Solange Zindzi has already successfully achieved many of her goals, but she still has many nascent dreams she is committed to following. She lives by the words of a famous quote her sister always shares: “the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”, so Solange continues to believe that all her endeavors will become successful, because they will be’. She moved to Los Angeles in December 2017 and is represented there by the following agencies; Go 2 Talent Agency (GTA) for Dance, Otto models as a (Fitness)model and Aqua Talent Agency as a Commercial Actor. She is currently on a Worldtour (Desde el Alma Tour)  as a background dancer for the number one Latin artist ‘Chayanne’. Solange hopes to continue to follow her dreams,  because she believes, if there’s a will, there’s always a way.

© 2017 - Solange Zindzi