Curaçao Cares


Now more than ever, people are looking within themselves to find the inspiration, creativity, and sustained energy to make change. The key to unlocking the light within us is to ensure that people feel empowered to act on their unique desire to stand up and say, "I can help."

The challenge, how can we create a society where it is easy for every individual to take action and accelerate change within their community and around the world?' 

- Points of Light. 


Solange her sister Deva-Dee is the Co-founder and Director of Curaçao Cares.

Curaçao Cares stands for: Care.Commit.Change.

Curaçao Cares is the first of its kind volunteer and project management organization in Curaçao and is an official International affiliate of the Points of Light Handson Network. Curaçao Cares aims to inspire and empower individuals, companies and organizations to volunteer their time, skills and resources towards social good and is dedicated to strengthening the role of NGO’s in realizing community development and social innovation. In April 2017, Deva-Dee was awarded Soldaat van Oranje (Soldier of Orange); an award for people 30 years and under that invest their time in community building. Deva received the award for her work as social entrepreneur and co-founder of Curaçao Cares.

Curaçao Cares is the recipient of the 2013 Caribbean Change Award in Curaçao.


(Skip your take-out coffee for one day and...)



Because together we can make this world a better place. 

'Get out of your mind and into action' - Solange Zindzi