All wristband-proceeds go to the charity foundation: Curacao Cares.


Curaçao Cares stands for: Care.Commit.Change

Curacao Cares is a center for Volunteerism and Non-Profit Support. They aim to inspire action and to create volunteer opportunities for individuals to contribute their time. Curaçao Cares is an official member of HandsOn Network, a network affiliated with the renowned Points of Light Institute. It is currently the largest international network of volunteer centers, with 250 centers in more than 20 countries. 


“Now more than ever, people are looking within themselves to find the inspiration, creativity, and sustained energy to make change. The key to unlocking the light within us is to ensure that people feel empowered to act on their unique desire to stand up and say, "I can help." Our challenge: How can we create a society where it is easy for every individual to take action and accelerate change within their community and around the world?'  - Points of Light. 




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''Get out of your mind and into action.'' -SZ